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In accordance with the current legal stipulations in force - O.M.3331/04.03.2009 Chap. II (4) -, the citizens of the EU Member States, of the Economic European Space (EES), as well as of the Swiss Confederation can register and go in for an entrance examination for all university programmes in Romania, under the same conditions stipulated by the law for the Romanian citizens. They should provide a recognition (equivalence) certificate of their studies, issued by the National Centre of Diploma Recognition and Equalization (CNRED) of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports.

A.        Recognition of studies (high school graduation diploma and undergraduate academic diploma)

The necessary documents for the equivalence of the studies are the following:

1. An application for the recognition of studies, as an acceptance prerequisite to study in Romania (addressed to MECTS - CNRED);
2. The High school graduation diploma;
3. The University Studies diploma and the transcript of records (only for candidates for the second cycle - Master programmes);
4. A photocopy of a personal identification document (passport or another ID);
5. Proof of tax payment (receipt copy).

Important notes:

- Documents issued in languages other than English and French will be translated into Romanian or English.
- Diplomas issued in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus will be endorsed by The Hague Convention apostil/stamp. For citizens from countries which are not part of this convention, the diplomas should be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian embassy in the issuing country.
- The documents mentioned at 2 and 3 will be handed in as legalized copies.

The recognition tax is 50 lei (not other currency) and should be paid into the bank account of the Ministry of Education Research, Youth and Sports payable by bank transfer or a money order that should specify the following account

Beneficiary:        The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports
Tax id code:        13729380
Bank:                Direction of Treasury and Public Accountancy of Bucharest-DTCPMB
IBAN code:        RO27TREZ7005003XXX000069

The citizens previously mentioned will send by mail the file with the documents mentioned under points 1 5 to the following address:

Bul. Lacul Tei, no.124, postal code: 020396, sect. 2 Bucharest,
Rectorate secretariat.

The candidates may also hand in the file to TUCEB personally, or through an authorized agent.

TUCEB will check the content integrity of each file, i.e. all the documents included, gives (if the case) the approval for the acceptance to study at TUCEB (provided the TUCEB portfolio includes the accredited study programme chosen by the candidate and on condition this is running in the university year the application was made for) and forwards them to the National Centre of Diploma Recognition and Equivalence that is liable to issue the final decision regarding the respective candidate's study equivalence.

The answers regarding the equivalence of studies will be forwarded by CNRED to the University, in written form, the equivalence certificates will be issued and handed in to a delegate of the university and the TUCEB will inform the candidates as on the final decision (the candidates will mention in their application the residence address and e-mail where they expect the TUCEB answer).

The recognition procedure at CNRED can take almost one month; consequently we highly recommend to send the above mentioned documents the latest in middle August.
B.        Registration at TUCEB

The registration procedure for students from the EU Member States, the Economic European Space (EES), as well as from the Swiss Confederation requires the following documents:

- The high school graduation diploma - original and legalized (authenticated) copy translated in Romanian language*;
- The recognition certificate of the high school graduation diploma delivered by the CNRED - Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports - in original;
- Personal ID document (passport or equivalent) - legalized (authenticated) copy translated in Romanian language;
- Birth certificate - legalized (authenticated) copy translated in Romanian language;
- Medical certificate (to confirm that the student does not suffer from any contagious disease) - legalized (authenticated) copy translated in Romanian language;
- Two photos - for the student ID.

For the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS), an English or French language certificate is necessary; otherwise the candidate shall pass a language test organized in late September (date will be confirmed).

The studies tax (the same as for the Romanian citizens) is approved by the TUCEB Senate on a yearly basis and is, for the academic year 2011/2012, of Lei 4200/year for all TUCEB faculties, except for FILS (all tuition in English or French) where it is of Lei 4500/year. For a Master degree programme (tuition in Romanian, only) the annual tax is of Lei 4800/year and of Lei 2400/year, for a PhD degree.

The student registration is recommended to take place at least one week before the beginning of the academic year (1st of October). For the foreign students intending to apply for a TUCEB campus accommodation, the request should be send in advance. According to the currently vacancies, the university administration will provide a place in the university campus accommodations. The total cost for accommodation and meals at the canteen is around 150 - 200 Euro/month.

TUCEB is one of the prestigious universities in Romania, with over 125 year - tradition in the Romanian technical academic education and with a wide spread national and international recognition. The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) has qualified our university as having a HIGH STANDARD OF RELIABILITY and our graduates enjoy good appreciation both at home country and abroad, being recognized as top specialists in their field.

The TUCEB management take special care for all students (those from abroad included) and, besides their professional training, they are all offered free assistance and counselling (medical one as well) for the entire duration of their study. As far as the study acceptance letter and the ensuing enrolment formalities are concerned, UTCB offers free assistance and counselling for all the stages involved: the letter itself and following the enrolment, the resident permit, accommodation in the university campus etc.

Following the student's receipt of the study acceptance letter and his/her payment of the tuition fee in the university account, TUCEB assures the applicant's study position till his/her arrival in the country and his/her effective enrolment and, on request, an accommodation reservation in a students' hostel, also taking into consideration (possibilities permitting) certain preferences: roommates of the same nationality, religion etc.

Taking into account the efforts TUCEB make for assuring its students optimum living and training conditions, we bring to your attention the fact that in accordance with the Regulations regarding the students' activity in TUCEB, following the payment of the tuition fee and the students' enrolment (both Romanian and foreign). In case of withdrawals or transfers to other universities during the first year of study, the fee payment is not refundable.